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The Architectural Scenario

In this 5 minute video, we depict a scenario which could take place in the context of an architectural firm in May 2009. The firm's client has a new project he wants designed but he is very concerned about eco-efficiency. The eco-efficiency ratio must meet a target in order for the project to be granted to this firm.

Developing a solution meeting the needs of the client is a complex problem. It is easy for those in the meeting, as well as remote participants, to misunderstand what the client said. Everyone working on the project needs to know what was communicated during the initial meeting in Chicago.

A “portable” or mobile version of the AMI recording technology will be available for customers so a company will not be limited to using only recordings captured in a limited set of conditions. We depict the “mobile” meeting recording technology by way of everyone wearing a bluetooth headset.

By using AMI technologies between the first and second meetings (36 hours apart) to search and browse the first meeting with the client, the 4 apprentices, the architect and even the client, increase their understanding of one another and what was communicated, and accelerate their ability to work without dela.


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